Decorate and Celebrate the Fourth of July!

Come to Swain's Lampasas Hardware and let us help you pick out just the right decorations to celebrate the 4th of July today!
Not only is Swain's Lampasas Hardware a convenient and reliable place to get all your hardware needs, but we also can help fill those just right gifts and decorations that you're looking for. Let Swain's Lampasas help you show your patriotic spirit as we celebrate the birth of our great nation.

With handmade signs, you are sure to find that special message that will celebrate the memories of family, fun, and appreciation for this land of freedom.
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Uhere is beauty all around. Make your home beautiful and relaxing today! From sweet smells to beautiful decorations, we have what you need to beautify your home and garden. We are able to provide you with that perfect paint to spruce up a room, or those garden tools and implements that you may need to perfectly capture what makes Central Texas a small part of heaven on earth. Come browse the various offerings for decorating your home, or get that tool you need to prepare for the yard of the month! Always willing to go the extra mile, if you don't see what you need, just ask us for help and we will be happy to do all we can to provide those essentials needed to make a house your home.
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