About Us
Part of Historic Lampasas Downtown on the Square
Steeped in History
For over 100 years, this building has been used as a place to serve the local community.
Swain's Lampasas Hardware owners knew they were standing on historic ground the moment they entered into the store, even before they bought it. It was this rich history that prompted them to go through the long process to tranform their way of earning a living to be part of that great history.

From the Texas Trading Company, to a bowling alley, a car dealership and even a Western Auto, the building on 302 S. Western Avenue has been a corner of the business community in Lampasas, Texas.

The mural tells the story of this magnificent building, and we hope to provide that same home town customer service for our community that made Lampasas what it is today.

So, come join us, see what we have to share, and be part of the story.